Sunday, 19 April 2009

new and coming soon

I have a stack of products to get on here as it's been a while so do check back for new art coming in! Also planning a few shows this summer so watch this space...

Beat 13/Lucy Mclauchlan

Although we're not so directly involved with Beat 13 so much these days we still have a good stock of Lucy's prints and can often get them when sold out elsewhere as we always keep back a few. Do drop us a line if you're trying to track down her work.

The Framers

The gallery is a side project from The Framers, our picture framing business. The workshop and gallery are all under one roof at the Custard Factory, I've been sorting out The Framers web site so do check it out

Joyful Bewilderment coming soon...

This is partly the reason I've not posted on here for a while, been busy with the Outcrowd touring this show, which will be coming home here to Brum later in the year, in the mean time check out the for dates, links, pics etc.

rock poster show

wow it's been a while since i updated this, here's a few pics of the last show i never got round to posting....