Saturday, 19 May 2007

Waste Yourself

We met these dudes last year at the Inkthis show in Leicester, where they're based. Talented gents, nice screen prints at rather good prices i must say. Bumped into them at the Fused Ltd Edition event and they've been making some amazing t-shirts and sweatshirts using some new fangled printing technique, check them out! Been trying to get them to come and do a show in the gallery, one of these days we'll get it together, watch this space...

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Tsz on Toast

This is hard to write as Tsz (pronounced chee) is one of the founding members of the Outcrowd and I'm obviously completely biased. I could write an S.A. on how great she is with her hand knitted creatures, t-shirts, bags, books and brooches, let alone her fantastic illustrations and unique style, but I'll let her work talk for itself. She creates a visual diary on her website which is great, i highly recommend wasting time at work mooching through these delightful observations and ideas. She's back in Hong Kong at the moment and we all miss her loads.


October 2006 we celebrated the release of a new set of Limited prints with an exhibition by the scrawl collective, the granddaddies and pioneers of scratchy, doodley street art who also have recently launched their new website as well as the collection of limited edition screen prints. Following up the Scrawl Collectives first major group show in 2 years which Launched the re-vamped website and the recently issued Ltd edition screen prints by 9 of the agencies most celebrated artists, we brought the Scrawl Collectives biggest talents to Birmingham, The show included work by Will Barras, Mr. Jago, Steff Plaetz, Phlash and Danny Sangra. Scrawl Collective have been at the centre of the urban art explosion since 1999 and continue to set the highest standards in the field of art, design and illustration. We continue working closely with the Scrawl Collective, stocking the entire range of prints including work by new artists such as our very own Chris Bourke.

Sarah Ray

Sarah was brought up in’t country where she loved to jump in cow pats (with wellies on) and fish for newts. I'd like to just leave it with that, really need i say more, but she does also make some great, funny, quirky illustrations. We have a set of screen prints, hand made books and badges available, and if you do need more information visit her site yea.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

House of Poodle, Needles and Hooks, Concrete Lawn

We have a range of nice handmade purses, bags, brooches and things by needles and hooks, tszontoast, concrete lawn and house of poodle, who all happen to be nice ladies, though we do know boys who sew.


Penfold makes some very nice screen prints, he's got some new prints i need to get in so watch this space, kind of reminds me of Kinsey, super nice chap too, check him out.