Saturday, 3 May 2008


Finally got Si on the blog!! He's been with us from the word go, sorry about the crap pictures, more coming soon. Just had a new set of prints from Peplow, always got his stuff in stock, what can i say, co-founder of the outcrowd, good friend, doodling genius!

Early Griffin

Just got these in and up on the wall, fantastic set of prints from Early Griffin, great selection of artists too, hope to be stocking there work on an on going basis. Check out Analogue too, ace book shop run by the same folks.


Got some new prints from the waste boys, they popped in recently and sounds like they've been busy so watch this space, expect to see some new great stuff from these fellas.

Mike Graham

Sorry about the rubbish photo, i'll try to do some more, the prints are of a much higher quality i assure you, Stock a nice set of prints from this young fella, got a few framed up on the wall now so come and have a look.


Well where to start, this young lady has a lot of stuff, i've had her zine conquistador in for a while and got some of her brilliant hair metal posters in more recently, i keep hastling her to give me more of her wares to sell but you'll have to mooch through her variouse web sites for now.

four down

Very nice hand made badges, t-shirts and a couple of limited prints from this young man, i actually purchased some of the t-shirts i like them that much. Check out his site, very nice illustrations.


The talented Mr. penfold has a couple of new prints available, the quality of these are spot on, talented young man.

Sarah Coulston

Had Sarah's work in for a while, got a few new prints in a little while ago and she gave me one which was very nice of her.

Lee Basford

Got this little book Lee made for his last show in Japan. Lee is a member of the Outcrowd collective and designer by day, but in his spare time he loves a bit of whittling.

Katie Mallon

Katie is anouther member of Them Lot collective and makes some very nice cards, i also have some of her intricate origonals which i will be framing up for the gallery soon.

Emma Duggan

Got some new prints, Paintings, badges and postcards from Emma, nice.

Valerie Philips

We met Valerie through her and Jason's excelent Cherryvale project, great photographer and lovley lady, she has a few books out and I managed to grab a few of this one, Monika Monster, a sort of social visual documentry of one girls journey through life.

Yee Ting Kuit

Managed to got this nice set of prints off Yee before she did one to Hong Kong, she seems to be doing well out there, it's a shame we met her just before she buggered off, great work though.


Ouch! aka Glen Anderson does these endless sketchbook collage creations that are amazing. He's produced a print of a pencil version of one of these that we're now stocking, i wish he'd do some more cause his Biro origonals are amazing.


Got some new work by variouse members of the Outcrowd, Log, Ben and Stevie, we are always getting bits and pieces from these reprobates so keep em peeled.

Fever Zine

Started stocking the excelent Feverzine, with all sorts of music fashion and art, get it!


Got some new creature creations from Monstersmonsters, who also has his website all up and running.

Joe Rogers/WSA collective

Got some new prints and T-shirts from WSA's Joe Rogers, nice little book there collective got together too.

Lewis Herriot

Got some new prints in from a local artist, Lewis Herriot, don't know much about this young chap, think he's doing things with them lot collective, check out his blog for more info

If you could..book2

We have A few copies left of the second "If you Could" book left, nice little book with loads of great illustratores responding to the question, if you could do anything tommorow what would it be?