Saturday, 21 April 2007

nous vous collective

The nous vous, nice chaps, nice prints, what more can i say, some more DIYers lots of colour ways and different versions and pretty darn affordable.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

"New Rave" Nick

Nick makes his own screen prints all by himself, they are actually some of my current favorite prints in the gallery and apparently one of them glows in the dark! He is also involved with the happy happy poster club who seem to be doing some interesting things. Check out his fun and filth.

Miss Led

Returning to the art of drawing and painting after a huge 8 year gap joanna henly’s alter ego, ‘miss led’ was conceived in may 2006 as a tentative platform and springboard to a more playful and whimsical style of expression. Awarded a business scholarship for ‘miss led’ in October 2006 joanna’s aim was to develop the role of artist/illustrator into a multi-disciplinary, legitimate, full-time profession. creating work either in the studio or on her dining room table, listening mostly to jazz, 70’s garage rock and film scores and drinking copious amounts of tea; ‘miss led’ is going from strength to strength and feeling pretty happy about her future.

Lucy Mclauchlan/ Beat 13

Well what can i say, we set the gallery up with these lovely folks so of coarse we stock all there products, prints, stickers, comics, planes, badges, T-shirts, bags, wrapping paper..
We also try to stock all of Lucy's prints but they do sell out pretty quick! On occasion , when all is quiet, the artist herself can be found lurking around the gallery. Do check us out as we get the occasional pre-release and sometimes have stock when there sold out online , plus ours are available in lovely frames.

Matt Robinson/Jinpow

Matt makes pictures that remind me of the bit in Akira when he grows massive tentacles and it all goes a bit mad, you can stare at them for hours. He's recently been making sculptures too, we have a few limited prints in the gallery and he's a busy boy so try to catch him at an exhibition near you.

If You Could...

We have a number of books, magazines and zines in, including the " If you could do anything tomorrow what would it be?" Postcard project featuring all your favorite artists and illustrators, issue 2 going to print as we speak.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Hong Kong

On a recent trip to Hong Kong i picked up these great chinese posters, some of the origonal chinese propaganda artwork which inspired the likes of Sheppard Fiarey of Obey/Giant fame, who's prints we also stock. I couldn't resist a pile of old Chinese Advert posters while i was there too, Limited stock as i could only bring back what would fit in my suitcase!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

GOOOooo Productions

GOOOooo Productions is a Skateboarding Graphic artist called Rick from Nottingham with a good D.I.Y. ethic. He makes nice big Black and White posters and a photocopie handmade zines.

Drawn to Play

Drawn to Play or Chris as we know him is a charming young man from staffordshire, he has a mix of styles from graphic prints of strange sexy ladies and there cats to more character based paintings. Chris is one of our featured artists with a wide range of prints, original canvases and some rather nice doodles on floorboards currently available. He's busy designing some snowboard graphics, which I've seen and there rather nice, so look out for them on a mountain near you soon.

Sarah Coulston

Originally from Teesside, Sarah Coulston describes her work as being weirdly beautiful much like the north where she comes from. Now based in Birmingham she specialises in print-making, mostly silk-screening and photo-etching.In September she won the 'New Talent, New Voices' award for her piece, 'Artemis, The Fashion Icon' exhibited in The Coningsby Gallery in London. She also had her work selected for publication in 'Images 30-The Best of British Illustration' and for a feature in Digit magazine entitled 'the 10 Illustrators to watch in 2007'. She recently joined Debut Art in order to get more commercial work though she loves exhibiting and is a member of the 'WSA' collective. Her main inspirations are the north with its heart-warming ugliness and the people she knows though having just completed a trip to Finland, having loved the country so much she is currently producing a series of work based on the trip.

Comic Art

We recently have given a wall of the gallery over to all things Manga, anime and comic book, with original artwork, Ltd prints, and some rather nice original anime cells including Akira. Basically all manner of collectible geek treats.

Monster Squad

Paul Roberts a.k.a. Monsters Monsters makes monsters, from little secret monsters in a bag to massive 5ft beasts, a few of which are currently lurking in the gallery. Paul is working on an interesting collaborative exhibition with some pretty cool artists, should be happening this summer so watch this space.

Meester Ben

Ben is a long time outcrowd member and master craftsmen, he produces prints, books, t-shirts, stickers, goodie bags, paintings, all carefully handmade. We stock a range of his products with new creations coming in all thew time, check him out.