Saturday, 1 September 2007


is a show made up of collaborations with Paul Roberts' Monsters Monsters.
The Idea for the project is devilishly simple, drawing up a hit list of artists Paul Admires, he sent them doodles, paintings, patterns for plush toys and toys themselves with instructions for them to let there imaginations run riot.

'Basically i said they they could do what they wanted, there was no theme' Paul says, ' and the biggest shock was that i started getting stuff back!'

Among the Artists are names like Jon Burgerman, Micheal Sieban, Ian Stevenson, The Outcrowd Collective, Travis Millard as well as some up and coming hot new talent, resulting in over 50 pieces from all over the world.

After a successful opening in conjunction with "them lot collective" the exhibition will be extended till mid September.

Pictured are a selection of pieces in the show and some happy moochers on the opening night, for more information go to;


Big thanks to Paul for getting the whole thing together. Thanks to all the sponsors, everyone who turned up, Dave Freak for the words and of coarse all the artists involved.